Worded Wednesdays

 If you love writing or reading poetry and stories, unwind a bit with Worded Wednesdays! Worded Wednesdays is a feature where we display poems and short stories of all types and styles​. Your work can be a part of this! All you have to do is submit your poem/short story to fictionfangirll@yahoo.com and get a chance to share your artistry with others.

Below is the poem we’ve chosen this week.

​Sometimes I wonder about life. 

About the decisions we make that leads us to paths we ought to take in the end.

 What we want isn’t always what we get or what we go for. 

Why is that? Is the human mind so complex?

 What is love? 

Desperation for love? Desperation for purpose. 

What’s life all about?

 It seems so much isn’t real sometimes. What truly is? 

There are times we come to question a lot about life. 

What really is happiness? Is it a choice?

 I look and I see love. Rather a possibility of it. Others would think me crazy but when you know something, you know it. 

It may not be there yet but there is a possibility of it coming about. All it takes is for us to open our minds to that. 

What others see and what you know are two different things. 

It could actually be more than two but you never really know ’cause it never really matters. 

Life is full of possibilities. Endless ones. 

We just have to decide which to take. It could be the path to a possibility of crazy love and happiness or to a path of pain and confusion and also loneliness. 

We decide what we want in life. 

It’s our choice and I choose the path of happiness. 

To let go of the path of darkness and confusion and pain and unlock the door that God has given us to happiness. 

No questions. Just appreciation and acceptance.
Written by: F.L Campbell 


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