Worded Wednesday

If you love writing or reading poetry and stories, unwind a bit with Worded Wednesdays! Worded Wednesdays is a feature where we display poems and short stories of all types and styles​. Your work can be a part of this! All you have to do is submit your poem/short story to fictionfangirll@yahoo.com and get a chance to share your artistry with others.

Below is the poem we’ve chosen this week.

The Essence of Music 

You’re always there for me.

The love we share will always be.

The words you whisper in my ears

at nights and days. You’re always here.

They see me smiling, not knowing it’s because of you.

You held me tight whenever family and friends made me blue.

Happiness you bring, anger you take.

You’ll never let me down; you’re the rhythm I’ll always want to hear.

You raise my heart, filled it with joy.

Filling it with love no matter how far apart.

Music, I love you.

Forever we will be. 

No one can ever come between us.

No one can take you away from me.
Written by: Geordene “Gege” Miller.
Enjoy the rest of the week! 


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