Girl Uninterested

Coming Soon!

Are you an introvert?

Ever feel like you don’t react to things the way most people would?

Ever been oh so wary of relationships?

Ever just been uninterested in a lot things most people find interesting?

If yes, then you’re at the right place. Let’s Blog A Minute!

Girl Uninterested

This a new feature, coming to Let’s Blog A Minute. It’s about a young adult woman who tries and fails to tap into her emotions. You’ll be getting weekly snippets into the life of ‘Girl Uninterested‘ and who knows? Maybe you can relate. 

This isn’t an advice column. It’s an insight into the life of the uninterested. If you know anyone like that, you will have some ideas on how better to deal with them. If you are like this, then welcome to a place where you aren’t alone.